Descent Naga #1 (Original Posting)



Useful DM Notes:


First Appearance

The Strategic Review, Issue #3 Autumn 1975 – Page 2

  • Guardian Naga – Found in Sacred places or guarding treasure of Lawful minions. Can use Cleric spells.
  • Water Naga – Most common, inhabit freshwater, deep beneath the surface of large ponds/lakes. Can use Thaumaturgist magic (no fire or lightning).
  • Spirit Naga – Evil, with human-like heads. Can permanently Charm and use Evil Cleric spells.


Original D&D

Supplement IV: Gods, Demi-Gods, and Heroes – Page 12

Advanced D&D – 1e

Illustration by David C. Sutherland III

Monster Manual – Pages 72-73
Dragon Magazine, Issue #89 September 1984 – Creature Catalog Pullout (after Page 46, not actually numbered as part of the magazine)

Advanced D&D – 2e

Monsterous Compendium Volume 2 – Pages weren’t designated for these, as they were loose-leaf 3-hole-punched pages to allow for expansion & re-arranging by the DM for their game. While a clever idea, the pages tended to rip without reinforcement, the binder was a massive 2″ deal, pages would get lost, and the pre-punched setup just generally didn’t go over as well as TSR intended.

Illustration by Tony DiTerlizzi

Monsterous Manual, Pages 266-267

Illustration by Brad McDevitt

Dragon Magazine, Issue #261 July 1999 – Pages 66-71
A fun little story with lots of ecology footnotes and some good examples of personifying a Naga.

3.0 / 3.5 D&D

Illustration by Sam Wood

Monster Manual (3.5), Pages 191-193

4e D&D

Illustration by Jorge Molina

Monster Manual, Pages 194-195

5e D&D

Monster Manual, Pages 233-234